Amber Colyer

I am a freelance/ghostwriter who has been writing for over sixteen years. The subjects I have covered range from health, media, pop culture, business, technology and so on. I am always ready to take on new work and subjects. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Thank you! 


Amber started writing at the age of four (and has thankfully gotten much better at it). At present, she works with several publications and individuals, including Power Up Gaming, Tomer Garzburg and Shaa Wasmund, MBE. She takes classes out of the UCLA Writing program, and spends the rest of her time delivering quality, professional work to clients via several sites.

Working for several clients and as an ongoing freelancer, Amber C. has written articles and blog posts that cover:

- Business
- Technology
- The barber / stylist industry
- Community programs
- Psychology
- Health
- Marketing
- Entertainment
- The video game industry
- Children and adult fiction

As well as many others.

To request more information, pricing or for any kind of assistance, you can email Amber C. at: