Interview With THE LEVELLING's Ellie Kendrick

THE LEVELLING is an indie film directed by the fantastic Hope Dickson Leach, who has produced other such films as THE DAWN CHORUS and CAVITIES. THE LEVELLING follows actress Ellie Kendrick who plays as Clover, the estranged daughter of farm owner and father Aubrey, and shows the two as they deal with the suicide of Clover’s brother, Harry, and the slow demise of the farm. Ellie Kendrick, who has seen roles in GAME OF THRONES and BEING HUMAN, was kind enough to join us to talk about THE LEVELLIN

An Interview with BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT Creator Jesse Blaze Snider

Jesse Blaze Snider joins us to talk about his new album / comic book combination BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT. Named after his home studio, this bombastic and poignant album comes from an all-star collaboration effort with: Jason Pearson, Chris Burnham, Andrew Dalhouse, J.K Woodward, Andrea Tamme, David Witt, Michael Spicer and Phil Hester with Erik Larsen and Chris Eliopoulous rocking the old school coloring and lettering comic book fans know and love. BLACKLIGHT DISTRICT comes in the form of six short

P.T.-Inspired Horror Game Visage Hits Steam Greenlight

Visage, the latest in what is seemingly a long line of P.T.-inspired horror titles, has today entered Steam Greenlight. Clocking in on at less than five minutes in total, the alpha gameplay trailer shows one thing: Visage is absolutely aching to scare, and coming right around during the scariest month of the year, horror fans are doubtlessly already excited for its eventual release. From the looks of the alpha gameplay trailer, we have a whole house to play with this time. The mystery of who w

A Snapshot of Success

You want to know how Instagram got so successful? Sure! But first, let me take a selfie. We’ve all heard the song, the jokes and the word repeatedly used throughout everyday conversation – part of the hipster-inspired current culture, even being added as a word to the Oxford dictionary. Love it or hate it, Instagram makes it easy to take selfies with its simple platform, filters, classic photo styles and short videos. In fact, it is one of the most heavily searched terms on the site and many mo

The Journey of Twitter

A hopeful populace held their breath in 2012 as the polls were ready to determine who would be the next president of the United States. The name was read, a nation rejoiced and the new president posted a single tweet to all those celebrating that night: It wouldn’t be the first, or last time, Twitter played a huge role in events that resonated around the world. From the trapped Chilean miners, the first Iran election after violent riots had rung out across the nation to the moment when Japan sc

When You've Fallen Out of Love With Your Business

Everything is going well: you’ve got your business, it’s moving in the right direction and all of your plans are starting to unfold… but then, one day you wake up and it just doesn’t feel the same. You think you must be working too hard or in need of a vacation. Maybe trying something new will help? Yet, nothing seems to bring back that fire in your belly – instead you just feel like you’re back on a treadmill. The truth is that sometimes this just happens. It happens with people, and it happe

Dysfunction isn't destruction by MBE

Dysfunction does not have to mean destruction – in fact it can mean the opposite. We’ve all witnessed the fallout of broken homes, trauma and tragedy – in fact many of you may have experienced some form of this in one way or another yourselves; I know I have. The struggle that those scars can leave on us can make life that much harder, but it can also make us that much more resilient. For every story of a broken home or tragedy stifling success, there are stories of those very same circumstance

Master these 9 Magnificently Mad Mindset Mannerisms of a Growth Hacker

In order to really understand any topic worth understanding, one of the best things you can do is get inside the mindset of someone who does it for a living; this is especially true for a growth hacker. The growth hacking mindset is about embracing a no-nonsense attitude. There is no fancy padding or time to second-guess yourself – it is all about using data, limited resources and your own wit to accomplish your goals. First things first: abandon any sense of ego.

Parents Who Game: Why The Social Stigma?

When you think of a gamer with kids, what comes to mind? Some might think of a cool parent, enjoying games with their children, while others might think of an irresponsible parent, ignoring their kids in lieu of Call of Duty, Warcraft or (heaven forbid) Farmville. If you asked someone who knew very little about video games or gaming as a whole, the response you receive might be an upturned nose, or a proclamation that anyone who plays games past their teenage years is immature and irresponsible.

Real Men and Self-Perception

“You’re more of a man than your fiancé”. This was said to me by an ex-roommate several years ago. To put this into context, I am a woman and my fiancé’, now ex, was indeed a man. The roommate in question was a female-to-male transgender person who idolized masculinity to a fine point. What spurred this comment was a misunderstanding of my ex’s comments about the supposed manliness of this roommate while he was at work. Even to this day, I never do quite know how to take that comment. It was c